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The Concierge Lactation Care Difference

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What is concierge care?

In a nutshell, concierge care provides a model for direct access to your provider and personalized care. In general, practice size is smaller, client-focused and it is easier to access appointments to get help in a timely manner. Insurance is not directly involved so much of the red tape associated with healthcare is eliminated and the provider can focus on you!

Why concierge lactation care?

Concierge care is our standard for lactation and breastfeeding support! The concierge care model makes it easier for you to get expert lactation and breastfeeding support when you need it! So many lactation issues are best addressed in a timely manner and it’s not reasonable to wait weeks (or longer) for an appointment. With concierge lactation care, you can be seen quickly (either virtually or in-person) and always from the comfort of your home! No physical office expenses means we can keep our overhead lower to offer affordable pricing. You will always have direct access to your IBCLC for questions anytime and receive evidence-based information without searching online. It’s expert care focused on you, your baby and your unique goals. How cool is that? It’s like having your own personal IBCLC that is ready to provide support and guidance any time you need it!

All services include 2 weeks of concierge-level care:

Online booking 24/7

Minimal wait times (virtual visits as soon as next-day; home visits generally within 3 days)

Direct access to your IBCLC through secure portal

Same day email response during business hours

Affordable, transparent pricing

No insurance hassles

Personalized care plan

Individually curated education and resources

Additional benefits included with Concierge Lactation Care packages or VIP Membership:

+Extended email support through portal (until 8 pm EST on weekdays)

+Priority scheduling of virtual visits (usually same day)

+Priority scheduling of in-homes visits (usually within 24-48 hours)

+10% discount on all services

Can I still use insurance benefits?

Yes! Unless prohibited by your plan, you can pay for visits, Concierge Lactation Care packages or VIP Memberships with FSA/HSA funds. There is no direct insurance billing but we are happy to provide a Superbill for reimbursement (except VIP Memberships)! No insurance? No problem! All our services are available as self-pay.

As a Provider, I love the concierge model and enjoy having a small practice by design! This allows me to spend more time with you doing what I love! It’s a true partnership in care and you are central to the process! I strive to provide quality, evidence-based, compassionate care. Lactation care is not one size fits all and you will always have choices.

Feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions!

Jennifer Gerard

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