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Preparing For Your Visit

I will confirm your appointment with you the day before and provide any other specific instructions. For Lactation Consultations, if possible, please plan ahead to have your baby ready to eat about 20-30 minutes after your appointment time starts. Baby should be getting hungry but not overly hungry and crying. Don't worry if this doesn't happen - we can work around it if we need to! At the beginning of your appointment, we will review your intake forms and talk about your concerns. Please have any bottles, nipple shields or feeding accessories ready to go if you use any of these. At the end of the appointment, you will have time for questions and will receive your individualized plan within 24 hours. 

What else should I do for a home visit?

In-home consultation will take place at your scheduled time. Wear something comfortable and PJs are fine! Minimize any distractions and please secure pets in another room. Consider having a care giver for any older children and silence your cell phone so we can focus on your visit. Ideally, consult is done where you would normally feed your baby. I will need access to a flat surface like a table or counter for the scale.  

What else should I do for a virtual visit?

You can prepare for a telehealth visit in much of the same way you would prepare for a home visit. I recommend you log on a few minutes ahead of your scheduled time and a strong wi-fi connection is ideal. Make sure the device you are using is charged and, if you can, a second adult is helpful to position your device. Please minimize any distractions that you can and assure good lighting. 

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