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You could get pre-approved for lactation visits covered at 100%...

STEP ONE: Please complete the form below to let me know you are requesting insurance pre-approval. 


STEP TWO: Once you submit the form below, you will be redirected to The Lactation Network and will see my practice name, J Gerard Nurse Practitioner PLLC. If you plan to be seen within the next week, please mark your request as "urgent". You will then submit requested information on the TLN website (including insurance card upload) and TLN will start the pre-approval process. Once approved, we will both receive communication from TLN regarding status and number of visits approved. 

Please reach out to if you do not hear back from The Lactation Network within 24 hours. 

Phone: 972-866-4606


Step One: Start Insurance Pre-Approval Here

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