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Home Milk Delivery

Low Milk Supply Support

Consultations designed to get to the root cause of your low milk supply


  • Comprehensive history

  • Lab orders (some States)

  • Recommendations for labs (SC & TX) 

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Individualized holistic plan

  • Plan for follow up

How We Can Help:  

  • Evaluation of complex low milk supply

  • Assistance with lab interpretation

  • Management of underlying health conditions (some States)

Filling Out a Medical Form

Consultation: Lab Results 

For clients who have had labs done with another provider (or who have pursued labs on their own) and would like assistance with interpretation. No medical care or treatment will be provided. 

Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont and West Virginia


  • Review of your lab results

  • Written lab report with functional interpretation

  • Individualized recommendations based on results

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