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I'm Jennifer Gerard, a Family Nurse Practitioner/IBCLC with additional certification in Perinatal Mental Health, and have over 25 years of experience working with new families! My passion is helping new parents navigate and investigate milk supply concerns and, when things aren’t going as planned, we problem solve together! I provide advanced lactation care with compassionate, holistic support and would be honored to partner with you on your lactation journey!
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Convenient care from the comfort of home!

Client Love...

"Jennifer has been an integral part of my breast-feeding journey. My plan was to breast-feed my daughter for as long as possible, and Jennifer has been a constant support for me to help achieve my goal. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a ton of tips and suggestions to make feeding your baby easier." -E.S.

"Jennifer is so nice and helpful! We scheduled an in-home visit and she was very good with my son, on time, and communicative beforehand. She addressed my concerns and was extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend!!!" -J.S.

"We had Jennifer come for an in-home visit. She was extremely thorough with my son: weighing him, watching how he nursed, checking his tongue post-revision, and fitting me for the proper flange size (she has a bag and doesn't guess!)...Jennifer is truly an advanced lactation consultant. She was able to provide valuable insight into why my supply might not be coming in from an NP standpoint and recommended supplements and protocols to attempt to increase my supply..." -G.D.

"Jennifer, was so lovely to work with. We had a virtual consutation because I live out of her state and she was very helpful. Kind, compassionate, and very thorough. She also was able to send me helpful links/videos/and handouts to support for feeding journey." -M.S.

Jennifer was extremely welcoming and had lots of helpful tips!! Highly recommend if you’re struggling with your breastfeeding experience! -K.P

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