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Resources for
All Things Lactation


Laws and Legislation

Breastfeeding Laws in Your State (NCSL)

Low Milk Supply & Chronic Low Milk Supply

Breastfeeding After Reduction (Facebook Group)

IGT Mamas (Facebook Group)

Low Supply Mom (Instagram)

Navigating Chronic Low Milk Supply as a Parent (Low Milk Supply Foundation)


Common Medications While Breastfeeding (Infant Risk Center)

E-Lactancia (Searchable Database)

Infant Risk Call Center: 806-352-2519 (Questions about meds and breastfeeding)

Mommy Meds App (Infant Risk Center)

Milk Sharing

Eats on Feets 

HM4HB (Human Milk For Human Babies FB)

Milk Supply

The Magic Number and Long Term Milk Production (Nancy Mohrbacher)


Hand Expression (Stanford Medicine) 

Maximizing Milk Production with Hands On Pumping (Stanford Medicine)

Reverse Pressure Softening (Kelly Mom/Jean Cotterman)

Therapeutic Breast Massage (Breastfeeding Medicine of N.E. Ohio)

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