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Newborn Baby

Lactation Consults

To establish and maintain successful breastfeeding...


  • Comprehensive history

  • Breast assessment

  • Infant exam including oral assessment and functional suck exam

  • Pre and post feed weights and growth curve evaluation

  • Feeding observation (breast or bottle)

  • Personalized education

  • Individualized plan

  • Referrals as needed

  • Plan for follow up

We Can Help With:

  • Pain with breastfeeding

  • Cracked or bleeding nipples

  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining latch

  • Sleepy or fussy baby

  • Weight loss or slow weight gain

  • Milk supply concerns: low milk supply or oversupply

  • Tongue tie and other oral tethers including pre and post release care

  • Pumping support

  • Planning to return to work or school

  • Introducing a bottle or bottlefeeding difficulty

  • NICU graduates, prematurity or health concerns

  • Induced lactation or relactation

  • Tandem feeding and weaning

  • Questions about herbs or medications

  • Reassurance and to make sure everything is on track

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