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Insurance and Self-pay Options

Self Pay or Uninsured

All services are available as self-pay and insurance not required! Please reach out if finances are preventing you from accessing care. Sliding scale or payment plan may be available.

Insurance option: 100% covered with many PPO plans

Check your lactation benefits through The Lactation Network to see if your visits can be approved for 100% coverage. If approved, insurance will cover 100% of visit fee. Client is responsible for booking fee of $25-50 and any additional travel fee. You can start the process here

Current PPO plans generally covered: Anthem, Humana, BCBS, Cigna, VA CCN and plans with "PNOA" or "MultiPlan" on card regardless of carrier. 

Insurance option: Self-pay with Superbill

The Affordable Care Act requires reimbursement for lactation services. You will pay us directly and we will provide you with a Superbill with medical coding for you to provide your insurance company. Reimbursement is not guaranteed and the procesis directly between you and your insurance company. 

Insurance option: FSA/HSA cards

Unless prohibited by your plan, you can use FSA/HSA cards for payment through Stripe. Choose "online payment" at checkout and let us know so I can send a payment link.

Insurance option: Gap Coverage

If your insurance company does not have a suitable in-network provider for your needs, you may be able to request "Gap Coverage" so I can be considered in-network for a specified number of visits. Learn more here

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