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Concierge Text Support

Questions but not sure you're ready for a full consult? New parent with questions and want personal support? ​
Prenatal planning and building your support team
? We have a service for that!

Reach out 24/7 with questions

Up to 5 replies/day 9am-9pm

Secure messaging

Flexible start date

Priority appointment scheduling

Appropriate for non-urgent issues and general support

Image by Arnel Hasanovic

Please submit form below to request Concierge Text Support. You will receive an invoice and, once paid, will have access to the secure portal. You will receive a consent and brief intake form through the portal and when received back, your text support for requested length of time will start (unless you have chosen a future start date). 

Cost: $25/24 hours, $75/week, $125/2 weeks or $225/month

Thanks for submitting!

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