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I am a Family Nurse Practitioner/IBCLC with additional certification in Perinatal Mental Health and have over 25 years of experience working with new families. My passion is helping new parents and families plan and prepare for successful lactation and infant feeding. When things aren’t going as planned, we problem solve together and your goals are always central to the process! I provide compassionate, holistic support and would be honored to partner with you on your lactation journey! Learn more about me here


About Lactation Consultations

A typical prenatal consult includes:
-Comprehensive review of maternal health, pregnancy and breastfeeding history
-Breast exam
-Individual plan based on history, assessment and goals
-Basic breastfeeding info and how to get off to a good start
-Instruction on prenatal colostrum expression. Starter supplies included for home visits.

In general, consult lasts 60-90 minutes and ideally scheduled around 32-36 weeks. Schedule your Pren
atal Consult here


 A typical consult includes:
-Comprehensive review of maternal health, birth and breastfeeding history
-Comprehensive review of infant health, birth and feeding history
-Breast exam
-Infant exam including oral assessment and functional suck exam
-Weight and growth curve plotting
-Pre and Post feed weight to evaluate milk transfer
-Feeding observation (breast or bottle per feeding preference)
-Suggestions for improved feeding
-Individualized plan
-Referrals as needed
-Plan for follow up

In general, consult lasts 90-120 minutes. 
Schedule your Lactation Consult here

A focused lactation consultation to discuss and plan for induced lactation:
-Comprehensive review of health history
-Breast exam
-Education on the induced lactation process and realistic goal setting
-Individual plan based on history, assessment and goals
-Ideally, follow up visits are scheduled as you move through the various stages of inducing lactation
-Prescription support is also available in select States

In general, consult lasts 60-90 minutes and ideally initial consult is scheduled as soon as you know you want to induce lactation. Schedule your Induced Lactation Consult under Lactation Consultation here

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